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sale extension

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26th march 2015

Postage-free sale now until Sunday 23.00. Thought we should include a weekend.

I mean, some of us work.

48 hour sale

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23rd March

One Girl 12″ vinyl goes on sale tomorrow from 6pm GMT.

For 48 hours only it will be free of any postage charges Рyes, you heard right. So it goes anywhere in the world for £11.


until 6pm GMT Thursday.

I know! It’s mad!






Release date update

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19th March 2015

The Vinyl Factory probably makes the best vinyl in the UK. But their comms are terrible. Similarly Key Productions. Lovely templates for the artwork. Bit clueless.

Vinyl Factory had a flood.

Delays. Maybe the flood was a metaphorical Record Store Day flood. No sorry, can’t give you a date.

But I have a date now and it’s the 24th March.

Thank you for listening.



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1st march

soz to report; One Girl vinyl delayed by a few days; something to do with paper from Denmark, apparently…..