10 Sketches for Piano Trio Vinyl

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Given the running-time of this album, it always made sense to release it on 10” vinyl to complement it’s rather diminutive status.

It always bothered me that other 10” releases had to suffer the indignity of having an out-of-scale 12” label plonked in the middle of them, so 10 sketches has a 16mm black circle round the outside of the label to reduce to apparent label size to the correct scale.

I consider it a very beautiful artfact in its own right.

It was mastered by Caspar at Gearbox Records in North London.

The original CD sleeve notes from 2009 observed that 10 sketches was the sole representative of a kind of ‘third way’, as it didn’t qualify as either organised music or unorganised music. I still hold this to be valid, and I don’t think anyone would ever be prepared to puzzle out the way of making this kind of album again. Difficulties of execution apart, it is, in the end, about keeping close to your source material at all times, to the point of brusqueness, and making sure you don’t play anything you couldn’t sing.