2nd March




23rd December 2017; there’s a track here –

which will form part of a forthcoming project going under the name of Tower of Babble.

have a good christmas



Acoustic Research – the funkiest funk

10th December 2015


Here’s a kind of beta mix of One Girl

you can download it play it at parties and things like that – go to the Facebook page; apparently there is more there.

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas


31st October 2015

Wooooooooooooo! I am selling a few things in the autumn VEMIA  auction, including the Vox Jaguar I played on ‘Loaded Gun’, and the Atari that produced all the Heligoland backing tracks, using Notator to  trigger an Akai sampler. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

12th August

I would like to thank everyone who sent me kind messages in response to my supposed retirement from recording. I will reply to as many as I can, but just in case I miss anyone out….apologies. I am going to Orkney for a week on Sunday and am determined to be Internet-free, and by the time I get back I will have forgotten all about you.

I would also like to remind that the Facebook page, although not administered by me, will remain active as far as I know, especially as there are still some things I want to do with the existing material; for instance, I have fashioned a remix of One Girl which I will post soon, and I also intend to shoot a film for it before Christmas. I may also look at 10 sketches again with a view to releasing it on vinyl.

time now to go and shoot some grouse, if I can find some in Devon

best wishes



7th August 2015

There will be two new tracks released next week; they can be seen as A and B sides of a single, and they will be free to download from this site. There will also be a video (of sorts).

Although it’s still possible I may start a new recording next year, this very much represents a clearing-out of the vaults; both these tracks were recorded before the One Girl EP, but I only recently decided to release them, as I wasn’t sure how they fitted in (I still don’t know whether they are Heligoland or Tim Friese-Greene releases, but will have to decide later today as the artwork has to be finished).

What swung it though, was not only the fact that I still enjoy both these songs years after I recorded them, but also that they both inhabit areas I have not previously explored, and thus I thought they deserved an airing.


26th march 2015

Postage-free sale now until Sunday 23.00. Thought we should include a weekend.

I mean, some of us work.

23rd March

One Girl 12″ vinyl goes on sale tomorrow from 6pm GMT.

For 48 hours only it will be free of any postage charges – yes, you heard right. So it goes anywhere in the world for £11.


until 6pm GMT Thursday.

I know! It’s mad!






19th March 2015

The Vinyl Factory probably makes the best vinyl in the UK. But their comms are terrible. Similarly Key Productions. Lovely templates for the artwork. Bit clueless.

Vinyl Factory had a flood.

Delays. Maybe the flood was a metaphorical Record Store Day flood. No sorry, can’t give you a date.

But I have a date now and it’s the 24th March.

Thank you for listening.


1st march

soz to report; One Girl vinyl delayed by a few days; something to do with paper from Denmark, apparently…..


Facebook Page






. New EP out. Looks like this. You can hear a sampler on the ‘listen’ page of this site.

we now do downloads…..sorry, lost loads of my previous posts when the new site went up, but to be honest they weren’t that interesting (and to be fair, there weren’t loads)

Vinyl arriving 2nd March….

there’s a 7” single coming out in the summer and that will be the final Heligoland release.

I have decided that I am only making utility music after that. Which is to say, music that has a use, other than just being listened to. This is because I think the world has enough  ‘listening’ music now, whereas I believe there is still a point to making music if you can think of a use for it that no-one else has. (Or if they thought of it, but just didn’t do it very well.) One could argue that One Girl was a move in that direction, as dancing is a very specific use for music – the only problem being that it’s a bit of an easy target and one that a lot of people have aimed for, making it a crowded working area, and thus one where you keep bumping into other people. Also, have bad ears now, and I can’t work with distortion any more, which was a vital part of what Heligoland was about…..very sad about that, and sad not to be singing any more.

going out for New Years Eve bash now…..

Totnes Civic Hall, since you ask……best wishes to everyone everywhere