Short-Haired Domestic (2020)



9-track album/CaCl 008
Label; Calcium Chloride
Release; August 21st 2020

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A song in Latin about the importance of comfortable shoes
A song in Spanish addressed to men who drive big cars
A song in Japanese about trying things out before committing
A song in Bulgarian for lovers of gin
A song in German concerning gardens and good-byes
A song in Italian saluting his mother
A song in Danish in which there is much discontent
A song in Hindi for insomniacs
A song in Yoruba about leaves, memory and time

Short-haired Domestic is a project featuring Tim in collaboration with musician and songwriter Lee Friese-Greene, also his partner.

All nine tracks feature a vocal sung in a different language, and have at their heart a breakbeat loop, sampled fragments, insistent funk and Latin rhythms, surprising appearances of acoustic guitar and just about every sound it’s possible to wring from a WASP synthesiser. The result is at once melancholic and driven. ‘I was interested in a kind of heavy slowed-down funk, with quite a lot of abstract noise’ Tim says, ‘and generally embracing dirtiness and imperfection’.

The ‘Althea and Donna’ template for the vocal delivery sung in Lee’s dry, untutored South London-ese, gives it a pop edge and sensibility….”we wanted to avoid any hint of ‘divaness’ in the vocals, instead allowing the emotion to be largely generated by the music as a response to the lyric”.